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Riley Tyrel Carter

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Most people know I’ve been playing for years. But, why do I write?
Music is forever. I’ll never understand why the world is the way it is, nor do I care to change it.riley But I do believe my music can bring something out, and change the way you think. Hopefully inspire you to chase your dreams. Be who you are suppose to be, not what your told to be.
I’ve tried and failed. I’ve felt like a rock star, just to turn around and see how little my music matters. But staying humble keeps the fire lit.
I’m still here.
I’ll never stop.
The music never stops, and neither will I.



Join us 7:00 pm on March 13th at Rhapsody and be a part of giving back to the community. Rhapsody is a free event. We are open to performers and spectators of all ages. The second Sunday of every month, musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, poets, jugglers, magicians and non-performers come together for an evening of fun. mollyDAmazing networking opportunities present themselves for performers, while providing free entertainment for a community. Hosted by Molly D., the open mic is produced by Keith Korter of Portland Radio Project, and Jeremiah Braeback, along with the Gresham Little Theater, on the KNOVA Learning Campus.  Whether one wants to come and watch, or one wants to perform, Rhapsody can be a place of developing culture for anyone that would like to be a part of it. This event is to entertain, not to offend or slander.

Artists are encouraged to bring their merchandise to promote or sell. HD video and audio recordings of your act provided for a small donation. This provides a chance to help aspiring artists build a reel or obtain professionally recorded materials.

Gresham Little Theater
740 SE 182nd, Portland, 97233
on the Knova Learning Campus    (Formerly Portland Lutheran School)

Near E. 181st Ave MAX Station, Blue Line

Questions? GLT.Rhapsody@gmail.com

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