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RAF was formed in 2011 with a simple goal – create punchy, danceable, music with as much style and attitude as possible. The foursome of lads includes Chris Rich (guitar & vox), John Crawford (bass & vox), Josh Millman (guitar & vox) and Brad Pharis (drums). Come be part of “The British Inversion.” We are the Mods!

The Cool Whips philosophy is fun and exploring different ways to have that fun. The foursome (guitarist Eric Ramon, bassist Susan Kearns, organist David Ricardo and drummer Kurt Steinke) plays a retro 60s style that’s still up to date. What else could it be? It’s being played today so it must be modern. It’s the Now Sound!

DJ Hippie Joe lives in Portland, OR and has been buying and spinning vinyl for some time. He believes in the tangible, the beautiful, the funky, and the 45 RPM.


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