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Time to dust off our French 101. EJK is in the house. Well, actually, Eric speaks fluent English with that wonderful trace of an accent. There’s a new album, “Idaho”, and an exchange of fresh views and ideas on how we view each other from our respective homes. Nice to shake it all up.

EJK: French Troubadour Delivers Parisian Americana



The musical story continues to unfold and evolve for this self-described French Troubadour. There’s a new studio album, “Idaho”.  And yes, Eric John Kaiser did travel to Idaho, to write some of the music for his 4th studio effort.

 Connecting Storytelling with the Craft of Music In Any Language



EJK comes from American and French roots, but American music was always a love. In particular the blues, which shows through in his music, both when sung in French and English. He has a deep fascination for the craft and storytelling. Writing songs, EJK says, is like connecting to emotion; an emotional diary if you will. And the song itself is a way to connect with people.

When I first saw the album, I wondered about the “Idaho” reference. But it turns out, EJK is a perpetual traveler in this world. Kory Quinn told him about the 100-year-old hotel Riverside Inn, near Pocatello. Done.




By the way, Kory is one of many friends gathered together for this most recent project. Lots of familiar names: The amazing Paul Brainard, Tyler Fortier, Redray Frazier, and Sean O’Neill of Otis Heat fame among the luminary contributors.  


Robert Parish and I had a fun, freewheeling and far-ranging conversation with EJK.  From finding the joys of American lifestyle and country side through a French lense, to establishing community through music, here in Portland, and some live performance had to happen, en français, naturellement. And in a more somber moment, we spoke with EJK about recent events in Paris.



Sam Densmore was part of our busy Wednesday morning. Hijinx ensued. Don’t be surprised for Sam and EJK to start a duo they could call Hats n Glasses. (In their spare time!)







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