Like them or not, holidays are made up of traditions. Like Thanksgiving, when family gathers around a table to argue, talk politics, put up with your uncle’s crazy commentary, YOU dodging the “When are you ever gonna get married?” question, and falling into a food induced coma.

I am liking the newer tradition I keep seeing crop up. Getting together with besties and settling into a fun shared time around the table.

But no matter what traditions you might feel are ready to be broken… when it comes to music? There are two I can’t give up just yet. I’ve timed it for two breaks in the day. At high noon? Don McLean’s American Pie and at 3p when you might be sitting down, or getting last minute touches finalized, Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant.

Whatever you do, do it with music. ~ I

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Turkey Day Tunes

  • Don McLean’s American Pie at noon
  • Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant at 3pm