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Drop-In Session: Shannon Curtis

Unexpected to have a Drop-In guest cut right to the creative chase. Shannon says she is a “soul, searching for grace”.  All of us can take that in, after a few breaths in. A few breaths out. A wonderful gift in this session, as you will hear.


The Moment By Moment World of Shannon Curtis



She is a unique artist and musician.  Along the way, Shannon Curtis broke loose of the bar and club scene of touring and went completely over to house concerts. Not a new idea in these intimate kinds of performance spaces.  The concept has been around. But Shannon and her partner in life, Jamie Hill, have devoted themselves to traveling the country side and doing performances in the intimate setting of a  living room. Or backyard. Or kitchen.  Wherever it might be. Booked ahead. Of course. She’s even written a book on the subject.




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Shannon and Jamie


Shannon has much to say. From talking about the provocative title of her most recent album Creationism , which she explains is about how we “constantly create the world we live in, moment by moment and word by word”, to be a beautiful place, to living in a moment by moment intimacy with her partner in life, Jamie Hill, who is also a record producer. We hear about her lively, inspiring, and deep philosophy here. Enjoy!





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