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Drop-In Session with Portland’s Rock Royalty Jon Koonce

Musicians go through many identities, changes, upheavals, both in lineups and hopes for that moment to take them to the …..top? Jon Koonce, a long time Portland artist, shares his rich history, and why music keeps on happening in his life with a now 13th new album ready for offer.


Jon Koonce: The “JUST” Cause

KOOCE LC POST-01 small

If you were in Portland during that rich period from the late 70’s through 1985-86, at which time  the Max train lines were being built and dropped into the city, you will recall how busy the music clubs were with an enormous amount of bands playing, and aiming high and reaching for the stars that would take them beyond this town. Among them? Johnny and the Distractions.


Johnny and the Distractions moment caught live by David Wilds.


Now into his 13th album, The Lost Cause, Jon has assembled, almost by accident, an amazing group of players and vocalists, to offer up his latest record. The below image gives you the liner notes so beloved on vinyl, which is available.




Enjoy our Drop-In conversation. Jon has a deep recall of what went down in Portland, from The Wipers, to Crazy 8’s, to Quarterflash, and his Johnny and the D’s on-the -road experiences with everyone from J Geils, to Tom Petty, and to even ASIA!!!!! What artists had to do to get traction, even when the labels did get it a little off.. But bands did get traction, in their own way. Jon Koonce continues to do that to this day..





Jon Koonce

Fremont Recording

Vortex Magazine

The album, Jon says, that would have put him on a “No-Fly List”. It Can Never Happen Here. Released in 2007.




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