It doesn’t happen often enough. To have one ‘s mind blown. Music so often is the tool that creates the opportunity. GLASYS brought a gorgeous keyboard, on his back, up to our studios on Saturday, and laid out an incredible symphony of sound. Welcome to Portland, GLASYS!






GLASYS, as Gil Assayas is known in his musical world, is a recent arrival to Portland all the way from Jerusalem. The relocation happened only 5 months ago, but connections have been swift and very productive. This is a welcoming town for artists. There are great opportunities to network. The Songwriter Soiree is a perfect example.  Settling in the Hawthorne neighborhood was also a very wise choice. Work on an EP has begun and hope is to release it by end of year. And there are shows to catch as GLASYS gets a nice solid footing here.



I invited Dan Packard, our IT/engineer/on-air host to join me and help engineer this massive endeavor. Couldn’t have done it without you, Dan. Enjoy the Drop-InSession. We talked about the transition from Israel to Portland, what the scene was like at home and what he sees here,and we got in plenty of music too. Link up to more details, at bottom of page.










GLASYS (Gil Assayas) is a pianist, synthesist, producer and vocalist hailing from Jerusalem, Israel who has recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. GLASYS delivers impassioned vocals, intricate keyboard parts and electronic soundscapes in one package that combines his many influences including Classical music, Electronic, Jazz and Indie Rock.