Anyone can tell you, the sound of music  is a conversation. When Mark and Eric met at a guitar festival, they knew they had much in common. From there? Guitars were their “lingua franca”.  And so was born the Acoustic Duo Eric Skye and Mark Goldenberg.


Eric,  Mark, and the Musical Conversation




Our conversation ranged from how it was to be raised in musically-inclined families (Mark) to being a self-taught musician (Eric) and it’s inherent value, to how music found its way into their being, to finding the right guitar to play for different occasions and pieces. A chill start to our first hottest day of the year.






Matt Miner Presents




Eric Skye



Mark Goldenberg



Mark mentioned a treasured band he had some years ago so we unearthed the vinyl.







Inessa is PRP's Music Director and the driving force behind our local music initiative.You'll frequently find her surrounded by stacks of CDs in the studio or behind the mic, interviewing local artists. Listen to PRP

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