As an artist, if you are headed to a Saturday Morning Joe for a session, you have to be strong-hearted to get going that early, not just to chat us up, but to sing and play too! For Ty Curtis? Done and done on both counts. So great to be around the open heart and soul that is one of our favorite artists, though Ty now calls Austin home. Not a bad stand-in for Portland and the NW! Don’t miss the sweet handful of NW shows. On the link at the bottom of page.


Young Heart, Old Soul


Ty, getting word out.



Joe, getting set up for the Drop-In.










Ty was drawn to blues in part because he grew up hearing it in his home. His father, Gary, is a musician who is clearly devoted to his talented son and Ty’s grandfather too, a musician.  And music heard? The greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan with his final incendiary and sweeping passion of In Step. Ty is very attracted to the artists who paved the path before him. That’s where you learn to sing the blues. He has such an “old-soul” voice. It makes me think of Gregg Allman. But as Ty’s fans know, put him in front of ANY audience and he will “take you there”. Recently, for his new material, singer-songwriters like Alison Krauss have caught his attention. And he works with Austin producer Jacob Petersen who plays with The Steve Miller Band.



Here’s our conversation. You will have the pleasure of hearing a brand new tune, “Who Are You”, which was a perfect and intimate song t0 offer up on a rain-soaked Saturday Joe session.




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