Drop-In Session with The Sale – Mind, Body, Spirit

What moves you? What makes you move? Perhaps the answers to those questions reveal the meaning of life. Bre and Justin from The Sale dropped in last Wednesday, encouraging us to examine our entire selves through music.


Music can be a vital blessing in our lives – bringing together our minds, bodies, and spirits – making us whole. Bre and Justin recognized this a while ago, and began writing music that spoke to that truth. They tuned in to the ethereal yet earthy core of our existence. They focused their minds, bodies and spirits – and they wrote some beautiful, moving music together.


Bre and Justin’s influences are familiar songwriters who have guided listeners along this same mystical journey. Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, James Taylor, Tori Amos – artists we love, who have caused us to appreciate and explore our own human nature through creative lyrics and exploratory composition.


Their intense focus on writing music that brings mind, body, and soul together does just that. The lyrics made us think, the beat and fluidity of the music got us dancing in our seats – and our souls were fed by the entire experience.


The Sale is a co-writer, co-singer, cooperative band – Bre and Justin write separately before coming together to complete a song. Their writing styles work well together, creating a beautiful set list that flowed with a consistent representative sound – earthy and spiritual at the same time. Very inspiring!


Bre and Justin have created a new webpage to represent their blossoming project – www.thesalemusic.com. Here, you can access their recorded music, view their photo album, and see upcoming events. Their concert at Streetcar Bistro on Friday was well-attended by faithful loving fans, as well as brand-new admirers who were generous with their appreciation. We can’t wait to see what moving music The Sale has in store.

Check out all the pictures from Teri Brigg’s photo album.

Kelly Jones
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