Drop-In Session with Rob Daiker on the PDX Rock Block

Rob Daiker has been a well-respected name in music for as long as I can remember. He is appreciated for his innovative guitar work, his sometimes slightly dangerous on-stage performance style, and his unbelievably precise and savvy production abilities. Musicians in Portland know and appreciate this man for both his wild creativity and his incredible technical skills.


Switching gears is something that accomplished musicians are used to. Being flexible and willing to let their lives and music evolve with the times and with the changes in their own ways of thinking. Rob has been hovering between the world of technical and creative artist for some time now. At this point, he’s ready to take the plunge into writing, producing and performing his own original music. Oregon Music News held a recent interview with Rob, discussing the progress of his career over the past two decades.


Binary Affairs, Rob’s next full-length album, reflects the ongoing changes in his personal life and his place in the world of music. He wrote and played every vocal and instrument on the album. The harmony of every instrument in perfect balance impressed all of us who heard his first newly released song, Superhero. This single will be released officially Saturday, September 12, at a huge event at Dante’s. For now, you can purchase it on Itunes. You may also listen free on Soundcloud.


The release party will be a night to remember – Emotitron and Berahmand will be joining Rob Daiker for an event that is sure to lead to all kinds of merriment. Rob promises to play many new songs from Binary Affairs, which is very near release as well. Team Rock Block will be dancing and enjoying the positive energy that these three complimentary artists will bring to the room.


A big thank-you to Jason Fellman of J-Fell Presents for bringing Rob Daiker to our attention! We know this release party will be a huge success, the album will take the world by storm, and Rob will be doing many more interviews!

Check out the complete photo album of the evening by Teri Briggs.

Kelly Jones
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