Drop in session with LiquidLight – new album!

Anthony Medici from LiquidLight dropped in to chat with us on the Rock Block at the PRP studio this week. LiquidLight is releasing a new album –UNINITIATED. He premiered the title track with us live on air – and we were impressed! LiquidLight’s sound is both classic and new –causing listeners to lean in and pay attention!

The band is a constantly evolving group of young men – dedicated to bridging a gap between technical music and music that is easy to enjoy. We believe they have done that. Drawing from their influences and classic rock, they have created a familiar sound that we know and love. The modern lyrics and creative instrumental and vocal melodies bridge the gap between old and new.


Anthony spoke of other bridges as well. LiquidLight hopes to encourage our music community to stay positive and cooperate. The band overflows with appreciation and respect for their influences – both musical and personal. He emphasized that the band draws from as many influences as possible – you can’t immerse yourself in enough music.

He also talked about what inspires the band. He reminded us that musicians should never stop, should always keep going, keep listening, keep writing…but, he said what inspires his band most of all is the writing process. The band recently completed an EP in January, and immediately began work on their new full album, UNINITIATED. As fast as these energetic musicians move, Anthony says the process still seems slow to him.


We are honored to walk through this journey with LiquidLight! They have been in our studio before for interviews and to share new music with us. Watching this band develop and grow is very exciting. They are all skilled, and the more they listen the more they learn. Our talk board lit up with compliments and appreciation. We will be waiting expectantly for the release of the album, and are so glad we were able to share the title track with our listeners!

Teri Briggs shot even more pictures during the visit

Kelly Jones
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