Drop-In Session with Jordie Lane and Clare Reynolds

Australia’s acclaimed folksinger Jordie Lane dropped into the Portland Radio Project studio as part of his first tour of the Pacific Northwest. He was accompanied by the multi-talented singer-songwriter Clare Reynolds, who provided rich harmony vocals for his compelling and evocative performance.


Clare Reynolds and Jordie Lane outside room 8 at Joshua Tree R

Jordie’s finger-picking guitar laid a lush bedrock, with an unexpected percussion beat by Clare in the form of thumps on a large, worn guitar case. “Her name is Betty,” Clare said. The highly resonant songs were deeply rooted in storytelling and life experience, full of insight and emotion. I was literally enthralled by Jordie’s voice and the stories he told through his music.

Jordie, who is the son of both a comedian and a clown, shared stories of his early life in the traveling circus. This clearly influenced his troubadour ways as he has traveled extensively in promotion of his two albums. He is highly critically acclaimed throughout Australia as well as the States, with high marks from Rolling Stone.

Jordie and Clare

It feels rather safe to say we will hear more from the charming Jordie Lane. I highly recommend his latest album, Not Built to Last.




Jordie Lane

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