John Craigie is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller with a unique style that still maintains strong influence from legendary folk artist. His songs are insightful: sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious, and often both. His stories and jokes draw big laughs and ear-to-ear grins from the audience. Having continuously toured for much of the past decade his live performance and ability to play a room seem second nature.


Gabriel Clark and John Craigie

Craigie joined me in the studio Tuesday afternoon to discuss his Artist Residency at McMenamin’s Al’s Den. He is playing 7 nights in a row and keeping it fresh with a new guest and theme each night. Pulling tracks from his nine studio albums, he won’t be repeating a song all week. Listen as Craigie tells me about his Residency, Portland’s cultural “moment”, playing Burning Man, and being “essentially a can of beans”. Craigie plays two more nights at Al’s Den, you don’t want to miss it.

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