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Danni Lee and Maiah Wynne dropped by The Mixtape

The Portland music scene is extraordinary! The number of talented musicians is far to high to count. Two outstanding examples of the kind of amazing artists you will find on the Portland scene are Maiah Wynne and Danni Lee. The intertwining of music, lyrics and their voices make their songs and records so good!

Maiah Wynne swung by the PRP studio to talk to The Mixtape host Patrick Meigs and to play songs from her latest musical project, the band Envy Of None. Maiah teamed up with Alex Lifeson, Andy Curran and Alf Annibalini to create an incredible record filled with songs of introspection and exploration of the human experience. Maiah brought her lyrical talent and musical sensibility to the group and helped the record to come alive. Take a listen to the interview (below) to hear three Envy Of None songs and to hear Maiah’s insight.

Danni Lee dropped in to The Mixtape as well to chat about her latest record Truth Teller. The record features her remarkable voice, her uke playing and a set of beautifully told songs. Danni has put out other singles, but this first full length record truly shows off her talents as a song writing and musician. You can check out the interview below as well and hear her play three songs from the record live in the studio.

Blog post penned by Patrick Meigs


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