“Have I been hacked?”

The question has probably crossed your mind at some point. And the data – even crunched conservatively – suggests that your likelihood of being hit by a cyber threat is high. And with a greater abundance of devices and data in circulation, that likelihood may be on the rise.

As concerning as this is, there are plenty of people who engage carelessly with technology, confident that A) They won’t get hacked and B) none of their information is interesting anyway.

But just hoping you won’t be hacked is as beneficial as hiding under a desk to survive an H-bomb. As in – there are much better ways of staying safe, the very best among them being a proactive defense-first attitude.

Yet part of the difficultly in sealing up the biggest crack in cyber security – humans – is closing the educational bridge. Because what actually happens when you get hacked? What is a hack, anyway? And should you really care?

Great questions – and we have answers. Portland Radio Project is unleashing Cybercast Oregon, a fresh talk show focusing on online security challenges. Listen to our first episode here:

This episode is for you if…

  • You know cyber security is an issue for some people/companies, but aren’t sure how it relates to you.
  • You know you need to be more savvy about your online security, but aren’t clear on what to do – or how.
  • You have an online presence/use hackable technology and want to learn how to be proactive about protecting your information.
  • You know a little about cyber security and want a big-picture understanding of where the story is going.

Cybercast Oregon is hosted by Kedma Ough, director a Mt. Hood Community College’s SBDC. This week she’s joined by two cyber security experts:

Ken Westin | LinkedIn

A security analyst and researcher, Ken Westin is a creative technologist with years of experience in computer security, product development, and programming.

Wu-Chang Feng | LinkedIn

A professor of computer science at Portland State University, Wu-Chang Feng is a widely-published expert on the topics of networking and security.

Brush up on your cyber security knowledge, get smarter about being hacked, and join us Friday, October 27th, 2-3 p.m. for Cybercast Oregon’s pilot episode – “You’ve Been Hacked.” Listen live at 99.1 FM in the heart of Portland – or online anywhere at PRP.fm.

Cybercast Oregon is supported by Mount Hood Community College Small Business Development Center, where they work every day to open opportunities for the entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors. You can get started on your quest to business success HERE