Collaboration is one of the keys to this musical enterprise known as HCE. Rene and Michael have taken the band through many terrains, styles and genres, but the one through-line has been deep feeling for and commitment to the creative process.

HCE Play: Songs from Shakespeare


Mak Kastelic at the keys/synths

Mak Kastelic at the keys/synths


Nestled in an old Milwaukie neighborhood between River Road and McLaughlin, the 1920’s sprawling house sits under very large and very old trees that are a feature of the area. Inside? Rene Ormae-Jarmer and Michael Jarmer. And there is a lot going on. Piano lessons, drum lessons are to be had. A studio downstairs for creating and rehearsing. It’s all happening here, any given day. I don’t think there’s ever a dull moment.


L-R: Michael, Rene, Mak and Don Schwarz (on bass)


We got together to talk about the newest project. And because there is a bit of the actor in Michael, and a lot of the literary in him, it is not that surprising to discover that HCE’s latest record borrows its entire lyric content from plays by The Bard. The conversation with Rene and Michael is below. And right after that, all the details on the record release party!







Photo by Miri Stebivka


September 4th – 8pm – The Secret Society (116 NE Russell) All the details are HERE. Everyone is invited to come dressed for the evening. Masks, hats, items of the era. Fun!


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