Once in a blue moon a new song comes along that stops you in your tracks. Such was the case last week when we stumbled upon Color Palette’s new “Sunburn” single on Twitter.

It’s one of two tracks the Washington D.C. indie rockers have recently released since their 2016 debut album, “Vaporwave.”

The track has everything going for it in terms of ear appeal.

Initially opening with some sunny acoustic vibes, “Sunburn” launches into full-bodied rock n’ roll that never overpowers lead singer Jay Nemeyer’s ruminative vocals. Lyrics, guitar style, tempo and momentum all meld, creating an atmosphere that encompasses both urgency and, reflection.

Ever driven along California’s Pacific Coast Highway while the sun’s going down? This song will easily transport you there.

The lush track builds to crescendo via drums and guitar in the most tasteful of ways.

We had a chance to visit with frontman Jay Nemeyer about all things “Sunburn” related, and thought you might like to hear what he had to say.

PRP: “How long have you been a musician?”

JN: “I’ve been playing music in bands since I was around 15 years old…so, 16 years at this point, ha.”

PRP: “How did the band come together?”

JN: “I wrote and recorded an album in L.A. in 2015, and started to reach out to folks I met through playing shows. Everything worked out…we’ve had the same lineup for three years.”

PRP: “What was the inspiration behind “Sunburn”?”

JN: “It was written on a beach. I was seeing a girl at the time, and the line in the chorus – “stick to me like sunburn” came to me. I ended up building the entire song around that line.”

PRP: “The synthesizer touches halfway through the track are really cool; how did those come about?”

JN: “Rogerio – who plays keys for Color Palette – and I worked on synth tones/sounds for all the songs we’ll be releasing this year and next. We use lots of different types of software and physical keyboards. It’s a time consuming process, but a lot of fun.”

PRP: “Where was the track recorded? And, is it getting much airplay?

JN: “It was recorded in various locations in the DC area. It’s getting a good amount of press, not a ton of airplay, at least from what I’m aware of…I’m hopeful, though. We think it’s a cool song.”

PRP: “Any plans to play here on the west coast?”

JN: “Hopefully! We’re focusing on new releases and local shows at the moment, but we would absolutely love to come out to the west coast!”

Color Palette are: Jay Nemeyer (vocals, guitar); Joshua Hunter (guitar, keys), Rogerio Naressi (keys), Maryjo Mattea (backup vocals), and Matt Hartenau (drums).

We hope the band makes it out to Portland someday soon. Meanwhile, here’s the track.


Find music by Color Palette on iTunes, and on their website.

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