2014 marks the centennial of Oregon’s former poet laureate William Stafford.

In commemoration of his life and work, Friends of William Stafford will be hosting events and programs throughout Oregon for the entire year.

Meanwhile, Ooligan Press, which is affiliated with Portland State University, just published the book, We Belong in History: Writing with William Stafford, which showcases a collection of poems inspired by Stafford and written by middle schoolers and high schoolers across the state.

According to OregonLive, Abbey Gaterud, publisher of the book says, “We wanted a book that did what Stafford did, which to us meant connecting poetry to everyone, especially students.”

The next Stafford event occurring in Portland will be held at the Kenton Public Library in North Portland on January 14th at 6:30 PM. For the complete calendar of events, click here.

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