The Band Joseph, three sisters from Portland, recently released a stunning video of their single CLOUDLINE from their upcoming CD, “Native. Dreamer. Kin.”

Interview with Joseph

Joseph sat down for an interview with us last November.

Next Portland Show

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What began as noodling around campfires with friends and gathering in living rooms to feel the joy of playing music together has into morphed into something resembling a  real band of players.

From Backyard to Stage Front

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Are we proud or what?!?  Back through Portland’s  Rock of Ages, there were the Kingsmen, there was Quarterflash, Jon Koonce, Dan Reed, and so many others for which we music lovers held high hopes, with good reason. Now enter Liv, … Continue Reading

Seattle’s Rose Windows, in keeping with hip disparagement mindsets, have called the music they do “insufferable psychedelic garbage”. What the 7-member group HAS crafted is an extraordinary and unique sound and vision, much of it created on the backs of … Continue Reading

Yes, gentle listener! You heard right. FREE download. Blitzen Trapper’s seventh studio album, VII, was released last fall, but the gifts keep coming into the late days of winter.

Blitzen Trapper Want to “Shake Your Hip”

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Bruce Springsteen High Hopes

There’s a new Bruce Springsteen album in town. High Hopes is a fresh collection, but think of it more like a mix-tape of Bruce songs: songs he felt could kick up a notch, songs he’s covered by favorite musicians, and … Continue Reading

You wouldn’t think it would have arrived from Denton, Texas — that zen-ish thing. But you never know where brilliance and recognition will strike. Midlake’s new frontman Eric Pulido is the sort of musician I like.  Both in the music … Continue Reading


Here’s a cool band from England you might like to check out!

Band Bio

Bauer is an alternative pop project hailing from the north of England led by singer/songwriter Greg Matthews & producer/musician Neil Treppas. Manchester session drummer Lee Bradbury

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Tall Heights

Some albums cry out for comparisons to other albums and artists, especially those from newer artists who have yet to establish a signature sound. “Man of Stone,” the latest release from Tall Heights, is one of those.

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