Currently touring in support of their newest “Open Seas” release, Portland’s The Resolectrics are a rock and soul power trio you’ll want to catch live.

What’s their specialty? Exploring roots-music landscapes via layered harmonies, multi-tonal guitar tracks and ambitious arrangements.

As part of the 8th Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash, they’ll headline Mississippi Studios this Sunday, May 26th; that show features an all-star lineup of Portland roots & indie musicians.

The band regularly performs at several McMenamins venues including Troutdale’s Edgefield Winery and Portland’s Rock Creek Tavern. The makes a rare Eugene appearance May 31st, when they’ll play Sam Bond’s Garage.

Guitarist Tate Peterson, drummer John Becher and bassist Bob Dunham are honing a leaner, meaner approach these days. Expanding on their love of American R&B, the band’s latest release adds timeless, British Invasion-style psychedelia along with a touch of soul-based horns and harmonica.

In other words, it’s an ambitious, radio-ready sound. Fans will notice more guitars, expansive vocal arrangements, new sounds and sonic treats.

You’re sure to love the tight arrangement of their pleasingly plaintive “New Rising Sun,” boasting their hearty guitar sound and sincere, catchy vocals. 

New Rising Sun

Adds Peterson about the track: “The verses are meant to paint a picture of working hard, hopefully doing the right thing, but feeling like you’re still spinning your wheels…love is sometimes difficult to find, especially when you’re feeling low.”

“Only Blind” is another track to watch for. “I had this guitar melody floating around for a while looking for a home and when I started writing the words and concept for the song and the melody just fit right in,” says Peterson.

It’s classic, mellow rock n’ roll that’s instantly likable – have a listen:

Only Blind

On the album’s “I Love You,” watch for the addition of a horn section — a first for the band — and a more mature sound. Peterson’s fretwork and Dunham’s low-end groove set things up for vocal crescendo that highlights the band’s terrific arranging abilities.

“The end of ‘I Love You’ was a big Beatles moment for us,” says Peterson, who adds “this record has a lot more ear candy.”

These days the band’s live performances flow seamlessly from originals to cover tunes without a hiccup – and Peterson has added a new level of showmanship that’s keeping audiences engaged.

Aside from the British influence, a now-retired, major Canadian-American rock band is also among the band’s musical influences. Says Peterson, “We are very seriously in love with The Band…the way they were able to blend their vocals, and also how important R&B and the blues was to their (sound).”

About their new release, Peterson quips: “We want to spread this record as far and wide as possible!

Catch them live

You can catch The Resolectrics live at Portland’s Mississippi Studios May 26, at Cottage Grove’s Axe & Fiddle (8:30 pm) May 30, or at Eugene’s Sam Bond’s Garage (9 pm) May 31.

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