Singer/Songwriter Carley Baer’s Twitter bio reads: “Train-traveling, dress-making, hula-hooping, vagabond musician, living the Americana dream.”

Carley should consider adding: “super-fun, exceptionally talented and inexplicably flying under the radar in Portland.”

In a geographic area filled with extraordinary musicians, Carley Baer is strumming her guitar and ukulele on the periphery of the mass PDX recognition edges. If her performance with Jonathan Chase, bass player extraordinaire, at Spinella’s Off-the-Wall in Gresham last weekend is any indication, Carley’s definitely ready to, as the new saying goes, “blow-up.”

Jonathan Chase & Carley Baer

Jonathan Chase & Carley Baer

Her soaring voice, clever banter and original songs, often inspired by not-so-ordinary life events: NASA’s Mars landing, winter and rain, drinking way too much with a bunch of lonely Irishmen – make Carley’s sets thought-provoking and entertaining. Adding to the enjoyment, Carley really grooves on performing (she’s a bit of a throwback), and it shows.

[youtube id=”w15Nl8I_ZGw”]

You can often catch Carley Baer’s act at Portland’s Saturday Market (next scheduled Sat. Mkt. performance with Jonathan Chase, May 10th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.), and smaller venues in and around our talented town.

Head’s up PDX! Carley still travels to her home state of Wisconsin a couple of times a year to perform at major Midwest outdoor festivals (i.e. Larger, more appreciative crowds), such as Summerfest in Milwaukee and the Steel Bridge Songfest in Sturgeon Bay.

Seems, weirdly enough, Portland is a little late arriving at the Carley Baer music party.
So, meet Carley Baer PDX. Better late than never.

Interview with Carley Baer, includes her original, “Head West:”

Here’s a video of Carley and Jonathan Chase performing Carley’s original composition, “I Like You” at Spinella’s Off the Wall.

[youtube id=”RlosMIkfpBc”]