Bridge Meadows: A Unique and Supportive Community

Bridge Meadows is a community where adoptive parents, foster children, and elders over 55 find a true home with love and a vision for a better tomorrow. It is located in the Portsmouth neighborhood of North Portland, and was modeled after similar programs such as Hope Meadows in rural Chicago and the Treehouse Foundation outside of Boston.

Founded in 2004, Bridge Meadows helps foster children find loving homes, honorary grandparents, mentors, and a whole support system to look after them. The community offers many different ways to volunteer such as teaching a class, helping with a special project, helping in the community garden, providing professional services, and organizing activities.

It is the only intergenerational community of its kind in the region, and the only one in the country that is in an urban setting. The model is designed to draw upon the strengths of each generation, with the goal of all three generations living enriching and meaningful lives. profiled Bridge Meadows as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. The podcasts, featuring key members of the organization, are below.


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