A Small Fire” follows John and Emily Bridges, a long-married couple whose happy, middle-class lives are upended when Emily is overcome by a mysterious disease. As this indomitable woman’s senses are slowly stripped away—smell, taste, sight—she finds herself suddenly and completely dependent on the husband whose endless devotions she had always taken for granted, and their lives transform in ways neither could have imagined.

The Interview: Part 1

An out of body experience with Portland Center Stage. “A Small Fire” will keep you up afterwards — talking and thinking. It is a spoiler alert play. But only a bit of the prep behind this show, here from one of central actors Peggy J. Scott.

The Interview: Part 2

More from the provocative and potent production of “A Small Fire.”

“The play is raucous, funny and unexpectedly touching, as we are made intimate witnesses to a frank demonstration of how much of life, of love and of happiness remain within reach even when so much appears to be lost.” The New York Times

A Small Fire

The Bridges Family: Peggy J. Scott as Emily Bridges, Hollye Gilbert as daughter Jenny Bridges, and Tom Bloom as the father of the bride, John Bridges, in “A Small Fire” at Portland Center Stage. Photo credit: Patrick Weishampel