How many musical balls can you throw up in the air at any given time? If Blake Sakamoto is in charge, he’d probably say, “As many as you want.” At the moment, there are at least three in action.


He’s an unmistakeable fixture in the music scene, around Portland AND Vancouver WA. It’s looking like a great and busy year for Blake. Getting caught up with Stuart the Musician project sounds like a labor of love. It includes Jeff Stuart, Blake, Dan Pred, Allen Hunter,  and Rob Daiker. The show tonight (2/21/2015) at The Aladdin sounds like great “rock and roll ” theatre.



But, naturally there’s a lot more in the music pipeline for Blake with his own Nu Wavers, to cherished Dan Reed Network, now gone global. Take in our conversation from this morning during “Saturday Joe” Bennett’s show.





Blake and Joe