Talented British synth pop band Bastille returned with their new “Doom Days” last month, and it’s a keeper.

It’s a concept album of sorts, says frontman Dan Smith. All of its tracks explore the theme of going out on-the-town “in search of distraction from the surrounding apocalypse.”

End times or not, most of the indie rock tracks are upbeat and imaginative with a distinct party vibe. Endearing friendships are another theme.

Escapist storytelling and Dan Smith’s sincere vocals on opening track “Quarter Past Midnight” give us a taste of what’s to come.

Quarter Past Midnight

About Bastille

Lead singer Smith started writing songs on piano and his laptop at age 15. He kept his music secret until a friend persuaded him to enter a music competition in which he ultimately became a finalist.

The band formed in 2010, taking their name from the UK’s Bastille Day – it’s celebrated on July 14, which happens to be Smith’s birthday.

Band members are: Dan Smith, vocals, piano, keyboards, melodica; Kyle Simmons, piano, keyboards, backing vocals, bass, guitar; Will Farquarson, guitar, bass, backing vocals, piano, keyboards; and Chris “Woody” Wood, drums, percussion and backing vocals.

In 2013 Bastille scored their first big hit with fresh-sounding indie-rocker “Pompeii.” It reached number one on Billboard’s alternatives chart.


On new album “Doom Days,” enjoy the pop liberation of “The Waves,” somber, contemplative “Divide” and confessional “4 AM,” with Smith’s appealing vocals.

“Why would we divide…when we can come together?” sings Smith on “Divide.” Indeed.

Bastille has been nominated for four Brit awards and one Grammy; it will be interesting to see if “Doom Days” earns them other accolades.

They play Portland’s Moda Center October 7th.

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