Fall is here, and that means the rainy season is on its way.

Are you in the market for fresh, new music that uplifts you no matter what the weather’s doing?

Look no further than Ayla Nero’s latest.

Released in March of this year, Nereo’s “By the Light of the Dark Moon” is both fresh and timeless.

Her last Indie rock “Code of the Flowers” release? It was also superb.  We had a chance to talk live with her this week about her music. 

PRP: “Talk a little about the main inspirations behind your new album.”

A.N.: “I’d say the biggest inspiration was energetic.”

“I create albums that are a collection of themes. The themes start to set in as I’m recording…in this case, the theme was gifts found within shadows and challenge, and the growth that results from it.”

“And I think the title (of the new album) reflects that…we see more stars when it’s dark outside!”

PRP: “Your new album is a bit of a departure from “Code of the Flowers,” correct?”

A.N.: “Thematically, “Code” was a dedication to the planet, plants and creatures. The new album has a lot more of a pop sound…which was intentional.”

PRP: “Can you talk a little bit about the inspiration behind the tracks “Wheel of Time,” and “Stars”?”

A.N.: “I was up in Orcas Island, and the song “Wheel of Time” just came to me.

The chorus on “Stars” came quickly on a new moon night…the rest of the song emerged the following week!

It was during a time I was experiencing greater love for everything.”


PRP: ““Whispers” from your last album still sounds so amazing! Talk a little bit about what inspired that track, and the kind of reaction it gets from fans at your shows.”

A.N.: “Whispers” was written while camping in Nevada, and was inspired from a question I was having. California was experiencing intense drought, and I was pondering how to help the trees.

“At live shows, the venue often gets very quiet during that song…often, there are some tears.”

More about Nereo

Nereo was raised in the hills of Sonoma County, California, on the music of Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, classical music, traditional Celtic songs  and ABBA.

Boasting musical collaborations on guitar, cello, percussion and piano, Nereo says the new album “speaks to what becomes visible when times get darker, whether it be inside us, as a culture, or in our cosmos.”

About her music, Billboard says Nereo’s relationship with the earth “is imprinted in her music… expansive and intriguing.” Not surprisingly, Nereo’s popularity is seeing rapid growth throughout Europe, as well as Canada, Australia and dozens of other countries. 

Here’s “Whispers” from her “Code of the Flowers” album:

Upcoming show at Crystal Ballroom

Ayla Nereo is playing a support show for Nahko and Medicine for the People during their current “Take Back Your Power” tour. They perform November 23 and 24 at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom.

She returns to Portland next April!

Find Nereo’s music on iTunes, and on her website.

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