Indie folk-rocker’s Lord Huron delivered a stellar show Friday night at McMenamins Edgefield.

The band is touring to promote their album “Long Lost,” released just this year. They performed a setlist of old and new tracks that proved impressive for both the artful arrangements and impeccable delivery.

Indeed, Friday night’s show was alternately exciting, ponderous, celebrative and ethereal. The band played for well over two hours, and Lord Huron couldn’t have picked a better night to play Portland. Clear skies and mild evening air temps were perfect for outdoor music merriment.

Lead singer Ben Schneider says the band has played many popular Portland venues over the years. He cited past appearances at Mississippi Studios, The Doug Fir Lounge, Crystal Ballroom and The Oregon Zoo.

Friday night’s setlist showcased new hit single “Mine Forever,” and “Meet Me in the Woods” and “Dead Man’s Hands” from their 2015 “Strange Trails” album.

Above: Lord Huron enthralled music lovers at The Edgefield Friday night.

Other show stoppers: “She Lit a Fire,” and exquisite “Wait by the River.” The latter – a highlight – delighted the crowd, as Schneider performed it with real passion and finesse.

Furthermore, fans danced to “Secret of Life” from the 2018 folk-rock “Vide Noir.” And poignant “The Night We Met” – a fan favorite – was included in the encore.

Superb visuals and sound

Concertgoers were treated to engaging, ever-changing neon lights depicting hills and cactus. Also gorgeous and worth mentioning were the trees behind the band, illuminated by stage lights that gave them a look akin to a Maxfield Parrish painting.

Pop artist Allison Ponthier, who appears on Lord Huron’s new album, opened the show. She performed a delightful and proficient setlist of her own.

In short, it was a perfect night to forget about life’s cares, enjoy the Edgefield’s consistently outstanding sound system and support the live music scene.

The Tour Continues

Lord Huron likely spent their time wisely during last year’s lockdown. They remain consummate musicians.

They play next at Santa Barbara’s County Bowl and The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. You can find more upcoming dates on their website.

Don’t miss them next time ’round!

That’s a wrap

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