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PRP DropIn Session: A Donkey Honk Family Reunion in the Portland Music Scene

Portland Radio Project

Billed as part Rock & Roll Show, part Family Reunion, local favorites The Druthers paired with Nashville rockers Mockingbird Sun during a spirited Drop-In Session that showed the depth of talent in Portland music. Kristin Taylor welcomed the bands during #TaylorMadeTunes prior to their combined show at Portland’s Alberta St. Pub in October.

The Druthers describe their sound as Donkey-Honk but that barely touches the surface of their multi-faceted sound. This The Druthersmagnetic Portland, OR six-piece is defined by the unmistakable voices of their two lead singers—the open, weathered rasp that is his (Kirk Duncan) and the whisper-to-wail force that is hers (Erin Adkisson). The pair is accented by a song-serving flurry of trumpet, piano, organ, guitars, percussion and bass that evokes the likes of Swell Season and the Civil Wars, and lives somewhere between the music of Ben Harper and Ray Lamontagne. Unmerciful, heartbreaking, uplifting and full of grace, The Druthers make moving music.


Mockingbird Sun’s “3-Part Blood Brother Harmony” rocks and is MockingbirdSununmistakably American rock and roll. They have recently returned from a tour of Asia and Latin America and rolled into Portland via band member Truck Roley’s friendship (and former band member status) with The Druthers. Their sound is described as being as classic as washed-out faded blue Levis and as current as a beat box in Spanish Harlem. Their rich harmonies and lush sound filled the Portland Radio Project studio, as did their unmistakable “cool” factor.

Enjoy these live performances and the verbal interplay. The Druthers and Mockingbird Sun making sweet Portland music!


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