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Catching up

Yours truly hit the road in January for a memorable night out at The Wonder Ballroom with Canadian Indie Rockers Half Moon Run. A solo trip, as it turned out. My significant other was dreadfully ill with the flu and down-for-the-count.

February and March are a blur of pandemic #StayHome news reports with periodic laugh relief provided courtesy Fallon, Colbert, SNL, the usual.

In April, things finally began to look up – a lifeline was thrown via the music scene, naturally. Canadian singer-songwriter Andy Shauf’s “Neon Skyline” album dispelled this writer’s gloom and doom. There was hope!

That brings us to May, and some cheery music news from two fabulous London-based bands. Both are quick becoming favorites at PRP.

The Big Moon deliver with “Walking Like We Do”

London Indie-Rockers The Big Moon are scoring big with their newest “Walking Like We Do” release.

The Big Moon, above, are this year’s official Record Store Day ambassadors. Their new album delivers.

An upbeat collection of superlative radio-worthy tracks, the new album is sure to delight current fans and earn the band some new ones.

One knows from the get-go the album’s a keeper. The British foursome open their new release with lush, harmonious “It’s Easy Then.”

The songwriting is top notch, and the band’s vocals – especially lead singer Juliette Jackson – are first rate.

Portland Radio Project is currently playing light-hearted “Why” from “Walking Like We Do.” We love the song’s effervescent pop vibes and upbeat storytelling.

Have a listen:


Trusting one’s instincts is the name of the game on catchy new rocker “Don’t Think.” It boasts compelling vocals and ace bass guitar, and delivers an appealing, edgy vibe.

If there were an award for the most upbeat composition commemorating the end of a romance, “Waves” would surely take the prize. It’s another highlight sure to pull you in.

The band takes a ponderous approach on the reflective “Dog Eat Dog,” while exuberant “Your Light” and deliciously thunderous “Holy Roller” are ready-made for concert halls.

The Big Moon could easily hold sway at Troutdale’s McMenamins Edgefield, or bring the house down at the Wonder or Crystal Ballrooms. Here’s hoping Oregon’s music lovers have a chance to hear them live before too long.

When all’s said and done, “Walking Like We Do” affirms The Big Moon have as keen an instinct for lovely melodies as they do for making those melodies righteously rock.

“Kudos” doesn’t seem a strong-enough compliment, so we’ll just say “Thanks!” as we wave to them across the pond.

You can find The Big Moon’s music on iTunes or at their website.

Bombay Bicycle Club’s “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” is so right

Despite the gloomy title, “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong,” the newest release from indie rock’s Bombay Bicycle Club – is pure feel-good vibes.

After four years, Bombay Bicycle Club, above, return with new album

After four years, Bombay Bicycle Club, above, return with new album

The band’s first full release since 2014, the album’s a colorful romp of compelling arrangements with plenty of ear candy.

And, here’s a strange coincidence about the album’s perfect timing. “Everything Else” was released early this year – just before the pandemic fully arrived in the U.S.

Given what 2020 has delivered thus far, the title track’s chorus – “Keep the stereo on  /  Everything else has gone wrong” could not be more fitting.

PRP’s got the title track on our playlist. We think you’ll love its layered synths and frontman Jack Steadman’s lead vocals. Have a listen:

Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

Says one fan via Youtube: “Gonna tell my kids how a song about everything going wrong made everything right again.”


The band’s beautifully pensive “Racing Stripes” – released in December over the holidays – is perfect for most of 2020 thus far. The song’s delicate vibe and comforting, inspiring chorus (“This light’ll keep me going”) are great, too.

Doing a slow build via vocals, harmonies and percussion is the album’s majestic “Let You Go.” It’s easy to imagine the band including it during the encore portion of their show.

One of the album’s most riveting tracks has to be “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)”. At just under four minutes, its layered textures, playful guitar and grand drumming add up to another peak album moment.

Summing up: “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” is an album you’ll want to keep by your side – especially during these quarantine days when everybody’s needing a boost.

You can find Bombay Bicycle Club’s music on iTunes, or at their website.

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