Ending Hunger Before it Begins

ending hunger

We all know about food banks, soup kitchens and community garden programs as methods to end hunger problems. But what about an organization that seeks to stop hunger issues before they even begin?

That’s what Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon are seeking to do. The nonprofit was founded with the mission to create an Oregon where affordable, nutritious and culturally-appropriate food is available to all. They work across all of Oregon to address the root causes of hunger, and to identify the systemic issues which cause cycles of poverty.

Their primary goal is advocacy around ending issues of hunger. They’re an outgrowth of the The Oregon Hunger Task Force, which was formed by the State Legislature in 1989. Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon was founded in 2006 to continue that work, and to compliment the work of the Task Force. Together they advocate on behalf of Oregonians who are hungry or at-risk of hunger by developing partnerships and implementing projects that help Oregonians secure and adequate supply of nutritious food.

This week at Portland Radio Project we featured Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. you can listen to interviews held with key members of the organization, below:

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