Was it a very good year? Will it be a very good new year? Certain each of us had our challenges and will face them in 2016. But here’s to celebrating those sweet and bright spots, made even better in the company of friends. Happy New Year!



On this afternoon, time spent well and with lots of laughter, thanks to Michelle DeCourcy and Blake Sakamoto who offer up a choice celebration idea, of course!



“A collection of friends” is how Blake describes the artists and musicians gathered to entertain and ring it in at  “Vancouver’s New Year’s Eve at the Hilton: The White Ball“.



Michelle , Blake and I  gathered together this week, and hung out on a cozy and wet, rainy December afternoon to talk plans for 2016. New Year’s Eve plans, of course, and to talk with Michelle about her many! dreams. In part fashion design, and now more recently, with her band The Rocktarts.




In our conversation, we also touched in on what Michelle calls a life-changing moment some 9 years ago, when she discovered she had a major illness arrive in her life. We touch frankly on all this and more. And we dove into how the music industry is changing, how to write a song, a first album with her band,  and how much has changed in how we listen to music. All ‘dem changes. Listen to our conversation below.



Those Shoes


IMG_3074 IMG_3079




A few names we dropped include:


Sheila Hamilton

Gregg Williams

Paul Brainard