1000 Friends of Oregon

1000 Friends of Oregon

Do they really have 1,000 friends?

The nonprofit 1000 Friends of Oregon can confidently say “yes” to that question. In fact, that’s only part of their well-supported organization’s strength. They’re a group that advocates, researches and educates on issues of improving Oregonian life, so it comes as no surprise that they have support across the state.

1000 Friends of Oregon’s primary mission is to balance the productivity, livability and aesthetics of Oregon’s lands. This means working to connect communities and landowners with the value of nature. They feel that smart land-use planning and an appreciation for the state’s nature beauty are essential. It’s through a harmonious relationship between progress and preservation that urban and rural ecosystems flourish to the benefit of all.

Since their first victory as an organization in 1975, this nonprofit has continued to rack up a long list of accomplishments, from protecting air quality to promoting land stewardship. And 1000 Friends of Oregon plans on keeping true to their mission of promoting healthy, thriving, sustainable communities in Oregon for many more years.

This week on PRP.fm’s award-winning Community Voices series, we feature from the archives, The 1000 Friends of Oregon. You can listen to interview sessions with members of the organization below.

Original Air date:  June 20th 2016

Original Blog Credit:  Nastacia Voisin


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