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Biz503 Season 3 Episode 9: Retailers Surviving the Internet Era

Today we’re discussing the survivors. Not the reality show but retail survivors, local businesses that keep their heads above water even as so many of us paddle over to Amazon to order every product imaginable delivered to our door.

These … Continue Reading


Biz503 Season 3 Episode 7: Empowering Women in Tech

The tech industry, innovative and as it might see itself, has not always been the most modern in its views of gender within its own work. As if we needed more proof, the now infamous “Google memo” bears … Continue Reading


Biz503 Season 3 Episode 6: The Portland Mercado, A Year and a Half In

Today we’re devoting an entire episode to the Portland Mercado, a unique Latino public market at 72nd and Foster in Southeast Portland. That’s just a mile up the street from our studios here at Portland Radio Project, in a … Continue Reading


Biz503 Season 3 Episode 5: Do It Yourself – Maker Spaces

Let’s say you’re a sculptor or woodworker, but you don’t have the equipment or the even all the skills yet. You might be able to use a makerspace, a collaborative workspace where folks with an idea can find the tools, … Continue Reading


Biz503 Season 3 Episode 4: More Than a Business – Social Entrepreneurs

Portland is home to a growing number of social entrepreneurs – business owners who make a social mission part if their bottom line. They saw a societal problem, and they saw business as a solution, as a way to actively Continue Reading


Biz503 Season 3 Ep. 3: State of the Food Carts

Food carts are everywhere in this city. Depending on whom you believe and how you count, there are somewhere between 500 and 700 of them scattered across Portland. They sit alone on parking lots next to bars. They congregate in … Continue Reading

New Podcast Co-op on PRP

Podcast Coop HiveWelcome to the PRP Podcast Co-op! Our expanding hive of podcasts explore topics that keep Portland buzzing, including business, culture and lifestyle.

The PRP Podcast Co-op investigates, entertains and informs, delivering an eclectic mix of shows for Portlanders – and

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New Season for Biz503 Podcast

Listen to Biz503, the Portland-centric podcast for startups and small businesses, as we launch another exciting season of PDX-area business news.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of any community – providing the vast majority of new jobs, and comprising

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