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PRP Concert Picks! March 30-April 5

Just when you thought you had your week’s plans finalized, in walked almost a dozen of the hottest shows in Portland this week. Grab your datebook and pens, kids – you’re gonna wanna write this down!

Luke’s pick:

The Scottish … Continue Reading

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MOGO Music Festival is coming!

Fans of Local Music Rejoice! The second MOGO Music Festival, a carefully and collaboratively curated music festival, blows up 11 different Portland venues March 3rd & 4th. PRP took the MOGO line up and dug through our archives to put … Continue Reading

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Portland’s Playlist Drop-In Session: Jacob Westfall; He does it with enthusiasm

By | Teri Briggs

Jacob Westfall was last week’s Drop-In Session guest on Portland’s Playlist at Portland Radio Project. This is a young man who seems much older and wiser than his chronological age, with a music background that started … Continue Reading