Wetlands Conservancy

Oregonians have a lot to be proud about in terms of our beautiful geography and nature-scapes. But all these rich environmental areas need to be protected if they’re to survive. And while we have many hard-working organizations striving to save our green spaces, The Wetlands Conservancy is the only nonprofit dedicated to taking care of the state’s wetlands through private and community partnerships.

Why wetlands? These soggy stretches of land are crucial to the health of the greater environment. They catch floodwater, recharge clean water supplies, filter out toxins, and serve as sanctuaries to thousands of species.

Founded 30 years ago, The Wetlands Conservancy is based on the idea that wetlands are both Oregon’s most biologically-diverse and most sensitive ecosystems. Through education, collaboration with private landowners, land trusts, neighborhood groups and more, the Conservancy tries to permanently preserve stretches of wetlands. They also promote local stewardship of fish and wildlife, clean water and a general sense of appreciate for the beauty of nature.

Today The Wetlands Conservancy manages 32 preserves and more than 1,500 acres across Oregon.

This week at Portland Radio Project we featured The Wetlands Conservancy as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. Below are podcasted interviews we held with key members of the organization.