Portland Radio Project



Ron Braithwaite is an itinerant tapioca salesman and a Prez of the Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Cabal and Conspiracy. As an Illuminati Prez, he understands the importance of transcending the conspiracies of Corporate Media in order to hear the Stuff They Don’t Want You To Hear, like local music, news, and public affairs. He believes that as you ride your psychic motorcycle into Eternity, you should remember to keep listening to the Portland Radio Project at PRP.fm so you can find out what’s happening back home.



Sonny Barger of the Hells’ Angels devoted a chapter to Ron in “Ridin’ High, Livin’ Free: Hell Raising Motorcycle Stories” and he taught Computer Science at the University of Zimbabwe, rode his Moto Guzzi Quota to the Arctic Ocean for a quick swim, and has ridden through a tarantula migration. He has fantasies of riding another Guzzi down to Tierra Del Feugo, with a portage through the Amazon.

He started doing photography in high school for the Newberg Graphic and became a stringer for UPI and the Willamette Bridge in 1969, before going into the Air Force as a Still Documentary Combat Photographer at the tail end of the Viet Nam War. In the late 70’s he discovered computers and now does photography purely for passion and to shoot the Waterfront Blues Festival.

Ron has been on the Internet in it’s various forms back to 1981 and as VP of Technology Services for SMB Business Consulting (https://www.smbbusinessconsulting.com), he currently helps small and medium businesses keep their IT systems humming quietly, focusing on Macs when he can and pulling his hair out with Windows when he must.

Moto Guzzi Ron’s radio experience goes back to being one of the early KBOO volunteers in 1970-71, when it was in a basement across the street from the Lotus (long before it got hip). He now happily takes care of some of the geeky bits at the Portland Radio Project.

As someone who has been active around social justice issues all his life, Ron believes deeply in the need for local media to address local concerns. He hopes you will embrace and support the Portland Radio Project as a key resource for music and news of our beautiful home.