The Early Link – “We can’t wait,” A Conversation on Oregon’s Literacy Crisis with Angela Uherbelau

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On our latest episode, host Rafael Otto speaks with Angela Uherbelau. She is the founder of Oregon Kids Read, a grassroots literacy and equity group dedicated to ending our state’s literacy crisis where more than 50% of 3rd graders aren’t reading at grade level. She is also a freelance and opinion writer whose work has appeared in many regional and national publications, including Portland MonthlyWriter’s Digest, Seattle Times, The Oregonian and the San Francisco Chronicle. Angela lives in Portland with her husband Curtis Robinhold and their daughters, Beatrix and Mirabel.



Starting us off, Uherbelau gives us an overview of  literacy in Oregon right now, and what is behind its current crisis in early learning. She then discusses the science of reading itself and what that means in the lives of young children. Following that, she tells our listeners about Oregon Kids Read, its goals, and why she founded it. Subsequently, she touches on what we could be doing as a state, as parents, and as advocates to see some real shift in classrooms surrounding literacy.

Closing out the episode, Uherbelau provides advice to parents or guardians who are concerned about their children in regards to the school system or their preschool classroom.



Rafael Otto, Director of Communications, Children’s Institute

~ Thanks to Children’s Institute, working to ensure that every child in Oregon has the best start in life

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