The Early Link – Social-Emotional Health is Key in Student Success

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In our newest episode, host Rafael Otto speaks with Rosalie Sumsion, a teacher at McBride Elementary in the St. Helens school district. She is a reading specialist working with small groups of readers throughout her day. Also, she is a part of the Early School Success Team, a team of teachers working in collaboration with staff at Children’s Institute to wrestle with big problems or big challenges within their school and within their districts. Some of those are focused on social-emotional learning, and working on ways to make sure that every student feels great when they come to school and is successful.



Rosalie Sumsion works as half-time Title 1 Reading teacher and half-time RTI (Response to Intervention) Coach. As a Title 1 teacher, Sumsion works with small groups of students with great skills to advance their reading achievement. As McBride’s RTI coach, she works along with McBride teachers modeling good instruction, providing training on the delivery of interventions and leading staff in the growth of effective instructional practices. She is instrumental in the organization of McBride’s school-wide assessment by training assessors, preparing the materials, providing the data to teachers and assisting with the analysis of the data. In addition to her teaching duties, Sumsion gives presentations at staff meetings, facilitates MD-PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching) meetings, and guides discussions on academic interventions and growth factors.


Starting off the conversation, Rafael asks Mrs. Sumsion why she became a teacher, the state of the McBride school community, and an inspirational story about the kids she has worked with. Next, she details her work as a reading specialist, and her involvement in the Early School Success Project. Following, Sumsion notes the importance of both social and emotional learning in the classroom, and a pledge she has created from her work. In addition, she discusses other components her school and district are trying to work on, and what is needed to attain those goals.


Rafael Otto, Director of Communications, Children’s Institute

~ Thanks to Children’s Institute, working to ensure that every child in Oregon has the best start in life

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