Beautiful Music Lover!

Friend and Superfan of the show, Brad – aka pnun – has suggested a rad idea for a Fresh Spins t-shirt that says “Beautiful Music Lover” on it. I would love to make that happen!

My first “ask” is: Are you affiliated or friends with the owners of any business who might want to donate the cost of printing the t-shirts? I’m sure we can work out some sort of suitable quid pro quo – I am a radio DJ after all.

My second “ask” is: Do you know how to design t-shirts?

I would love for the logo on the shirt to somehow incorporate the artwork on the featured photo ^above^, or this artwork, the music note with the heart and the rainbow:

And I’m still hung up on a baseball t-shirt design with maybe blue sleeves – but I’m open to suggestion!

My third “ask” is for sponsorship for Fresh Spins with Jen Em directly. Do you know someone who wants to support the most amazing music on the airwaves? Because they could get in on the ground floor of this rocket ship to music lovin’ greatness!

I’ll be working on finding the best thirty or so fresh songs I can for next Friday’s episode, Beautiful Music Lover. Let’s make these t-shirts happen! I think they’ll be frickin’ amazing!!

Until Friday,
~ Jen Em

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