And the theme continues. Rich “The Sandwich King” Coletta was working as a restaurateur/food cart owner in Port Townsend, WA, when he chose to move his food cart to Portland. Specifically the The Gyros Spot food cart now located in the Cartlandia food cart pod.

Rich Colletta of The Gyros Spto

The Gyros Spot offers a menu of Greek specialities. Rich’s main dish is original Chicago-style, rotisserie-cooked gyros. The gyros meat, a combination of beef and lamb, is prepared on a traditional vertical spit. The meat is stacked on the spit and then cooks from the outside edge of the stack to the center.

The lamb or beef that is ready for the gyro sandwich is then trimmed from the outer edge of the stack. As the meat is trimmed away, the meat nearer the center of the spit continues to cook assuring that the meat for each sandwich is as consistently cooked as possible.

The Gyros Spot Gyro

Rich also offers menu items such as falafel, baklava, and Greek salad. You can find The Gyros Spot in the Cartlandia food cart pod at SE 82nd and Harney. The cart is open from 11 A.M. till 3 P.M. Wednesday through Monday. The cart is closed on Tuesdays.

Listen as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Rich about The Gyros Spot and his journey as a food cart owner in Portland.