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The logo for the Fry Guy food cart

A local Portland chef is taking that American staple of fast food, French fries, back to its roots by way of Canada. Quebec, Canada to be precise. Who is this chef? He’s known as The Fry Guy.

The Fry Guy’s root-vegetable alchemy takes place Thursday through Sunday in the Sellwood district of SE Portland at the Fry Guy food cart. There The Fry Guy (a.k.a Alex McGillivray) converts humble, hand-cut russet potatoes into heaps of fries delectably dressed in that classic Canadian concoction of Poutine.

Fries covered in poutine from the Fry Guy food cart

Lest you think that Alex (The Fry Guy) one day simply woke up with the urge to open a food cart and cover fries with gravy, think again my friend. Alex, who comes from a family of foodies has worked for two of Portland’s most successful restauranteurs, Andy Ricker of Ping and Pok Pok and Rick Gencarelli of Lardo. While Alex was at Lardo the menu included an original sandwich created by Alex known as “The Beet Generation.”

All of the items on the menu of the Fry Guy food cart are Alex’s own creations. Inspired by the old-world tradition of covering one’s fries with all manner of sauces and gravies, the Fry Guy menu includes simple offerings of fries slathered in sauce all the way to fries smothered in all manner of ingredients.

Dipping sauces from the Fry Guy food cart

You may choose from sauces like tomato bacon jam, sriracha mayo and buttermilk ranch. Vegan and dairy-free options are available upon request.

One dish on the Fry Guy menu that falls into the ‘all manner of ingredients’ category is Portland Poutine. A half-pound of fries supporting a cart-made sausage gravy topped off with an over-easy fried egg. Another dish in this category is the Tiger Style. Fries covered in fry sauce, cheddar cheese and grilled onions.

Cheese burgers from the Fry Guy food cart

The Fry Guy menu also includes a South Carolina BBQ sandwich and a classic cheese burger. Both of which come with fries. If you’re in the mood for something a little different you can order the pan-roasted cauliflower or Brussels Sprouts.

Pan-fried Brussels Sprouts from the Fry Guy food cart

The Fry Guy food cart can be found at SE 13th and Lexington in Sellwood. Hours are Thursday–Sunday, Noon till 7 P.M.

Listen as Robert Parish (sitting in for Steven Shomler) and Ken Wilson talk with Alex McGillivray about turning basic potatoes into  mouth-watering piles of fries and poutine.

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