Tasty Tuesday, “Oregon Breweries,” Nov 25

The book Oregon Breweries is about beer, breweries and the beer culture in Oregon. This image shows a section of the book cover of Oregon Breweries.

Portland author Brian Yaeger has put his masters degree in professional writing from USC (thesis; beer) to good use. He’s made a career of writing about beer and breweries. He also writes about food, travel and music but, primarily about beer. I believe there are many folks who would enjoy having a career like Brian‘s.

In fact, Brian has written enough words concerning beer that it has resulted in two books. The first, Red, White, and Brew: An American Beer Odyssey (St. Martin’s, 2008) describes Brian’s journey across America to discover the unique beers of the nation. Brian is also a contributor to the Oxford Companion to Beer and regularly writes articles for not only Portland Monthly but a number of beer-related magazines as well.

Beer Labels

Oregon Breweries (Stackpole, 2014) is Brian’s latest book. It is about the breweries, beers, brew festivals and the beer culture of Oregon. Oregon Breweries is a guide for those who wish to learn about Oregon’s breweries. The book will also prepare you for the best experience when visiting any of the 190 breweries and brewpubs profiled in the book. Oregon Breweries, will be released on December first, 2014. You will find it at Amazon as well as Portland’s own Powell’s book store.

Brian’s interview on Tasty Tuesday is one of his many radio appearances in which he’s discussed, well, beer and the process of making, consuming, and writing about beer. Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Brian about his latest book Oregon Breweries and, you guessed it, beer!

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