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“I don’t know how he does it!” is a common reaction from those who visit the sushiLOVE food cart. This oft-repeated exclamation is typically heard once patrons experience the amazing flavors and textures that comprise sushiLOVE’s vegan victuals. Yes, you read that correctly. sushiLOVE’s sushi is vegan.


Found at the Belle Carts PDX  food cart pod located at the intersection of 26th and Belmont Streets in SE Portland, below the billboards, sushiLOVE serves food whose appearance and flavors can’t be found anywhere else.

The brainchild of chef Kelly McCormick, sushiLOVE’s menu is a unique tribute to his passion for healthy cooking. Kelly moved to Portland to open his food cart which began serving on August 1st, 2014. After completing his culinary education at The Seattle Culinary Academy, then studying with Mashayo Onuki at Hama Sushi in Venice, CA, and serving as sushi chef at CC Gallagher’s on Catalina Island, Kelly came to Portland.


Serving both Uramakie and Hosomaki rolls as well as Temaki rolls, sushiLOVE’s menu includes; the”Don’t Be Shellfish” roll, the “Avalon California” roll, the “Mother of Dragons” roll, Avacodo Hosomaki and Savory Tofu Hosomaki. Each of these dishes can also be ordered in seaweed wraps known as Temaki. The menu also includes seasonal offerings as well. You can even order and pay for you sushiLOVE sushi online at


Take a few moments and listen as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Kelly McCormick of sushiLOVE about vegan sushi.

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