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Tasty Tuesday : Monk’s Deli

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Short-term wilderness survival has once essential ingredient that must be part of every survival kit. An Italian Hoagie sandwich from the Monk’s Deli food cart. Three people could survive with this sandwich as your food source for at least three days. Or at least through lunch. Whichever lasts longer.

Don’t expect to find Georgian monks chanting the menu in Latin when you visit Monk’s Deli. Monk’s moniker is derived from a nickname given to Monk’s founder and owner, Andrew by his brother. Of course, since that was the nickname that Andrew liked the least, it’s the one that stuck.

A photo of some of the menu items available at the Monk’s Deli food cart

Monk’s is a member of a rare and select order of carts in the food cart pantheon of PDX. Monk’s Deli serves as the “in-house” food service for Portland’s premiere bottle shop and tap room, Belmont Station. The award-winning and internationally known destination for all that is beer in the Rose City helmed by the amazing Lisa Morrison.

A photo of some of the Italian Hoagie available at the Monk’s Deli food cart

Andrew hails from Delaware just thirty-odd miles from Philadelphia. So as you can surmise his culinary influences come from the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Which means that yes, Monk’s Deli has cheesesteak sandwiches. Which get rave reviews from native Philadelphians.

A photo of some of the Italian Hoagie available at the Monk’s Deli food cart

As Andrew puts it, his menu is a mash-up taken from his favorite sandwich shops and the restaurants in which he worked. You can find (among a full selection) the aforementioned Italian Hoagie and classic Philly Cheesesteak. There are also Cubanos as well as a number of sandwiches for the vegetarians who live among us. Sides include roasted beets, ‘Tater salad, Frito pies, garlic bread, and soft pretzels. Not just any ol’ soft pretzel, but Amish soft pretzels.

A photo of the beets available at the Monk’s Deli food cart

You can find Monk’s Deli on the southeast corner of SE Stark St in the 4500 block. The cart is located behind Belmont Station, to the right of the main entrance, just down the block on 45th. Hours are Monday through Sunday, 11 AM till 8 PM. Andrew has added a truck to the stable of his street food empire and is now able to provide Monk’s Deli sandwiches at events.

A photo of the tater salad available at the Monk’s Deli food cart

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Andrew of the Monk’s Deli food cart about the importance of a good Italian Hoagie when surviving the wilderness.

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