How does one start a successful tradition? Choose a famous, established tradition and then follow that example. Churros Locos choose a very successful tradition to imitate that’s found at the happiest place on earth. Get a churro on your way home.

the churros locos truck outside of Providence Park in Portland Oregon

In April of 2013, Churros Locos set up their cart (not a truck or trailer but and actual cart) outside Providence Park during a Timbers game. As the Timber’s Army left the match they found the perfect post-game snack. And a tradition was born. Churros Locos is now a regular part of Timber’s home game experience.

Since that day Churros Locos has expanded their empire to included catering at events and weddings. They have also added a renovated, 1973-vintage repurposed mail delivery truck that has been made into the Churro Mobile.

the churros locos churro cake in Portland Oregon

In 2015, Churros Locos represented Portland, OR, at the ten-day World Street Food Congress in Singapore. One of the favorite items on the Churros Locos menu is the Churro Sundae. In Singapore, the Churro Sundae was a huge success. It was one of the most popular street foods available at the event. 1200 sundaes were served in a single day.

For those who are not sure what a churro is (difficult to believe but possible), it is described as an elephant ear on a stick. A classic cultural treat that is enjoyed throughout México and Central America, it is a deep-fried pastry dough that has been extruded through a form into the classic star-like shape.

the churros locos churros in Portland Oregon

Churros Locos makes their churros in the traditional Mexican style with brown sugar and cinnamon. In addition to the typical churro you can get a churro cake or the aforementioned churro sundae. With each churro you can get Dulce de Leche. A thick, milk-based caramel sauce in which you can dip your churro.

the churros locos dulce de leche dipping sauce with a churro stuck in it

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Isabel Sánchez-Huerta about churros, Churros Locos and what it means to be a tradition in Portland.