Cher, Beyoncé, even Selena. Not only are these women powerhouse divas who are integral and powerful women in a male-dominated industry. But also, their celeb status is attributed only to one of their names; their mononym, if you will. And Continue Reading

For the first ever TFAT of 2021, I stuck around for an extra hour to ring in the year with the latest in the art of music. These singles are quite literally 12 days old at most, and have a Continue Reading

Since the new year literally starts in 2 days, I thought to do a set centered on tunes from what Paste Magazine believes to be some of the best albums released within these last 12 months. I generally trust Paste’s Continue Reading

Since Cyber Monday was yesterday, today’s theme revolved around it, but under a different name: Technical Tuesday. All of the titles and/or artists in this set correspond to electronics or those items that might interact with Cyberspace.

  • “15 Step” –
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Today’s theme was all about protest and empowerment regarding the social issues that have rattled our country, and have been brought to the forefront within the last 4 years.

We can always do better as a nation, and these songs Continue Reading

‘Tis the season of costumes, candy, and spookables! So I thought to myself, why not pay homage to that for this week’s theme. In case you missed it, here is my Halloweek Playlist:


“The Ghosts of Beverly Drive” – Continue Reading

We are coming up on a point in the year that is prime for vacations, and driving to those destinations. And you know what makes driving a long way infinitely more fun? Some awesome tunes to chair dance and sing Continue Reading