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There are two productions on the PCS boards right now. The “sexually and intellectually provocative” Sex with  Strangers, and the thrilling, sassy and sultry revue that celebrates the life of jazz legend Fats Waller,  Ain’t Misbehavin’. We spoke with … Continue Reading

The vivid and breathtaking Threesome began life at the PCS JAW festival two years ago. It is alternately a secular, gender,  geo-political Arab-themed play, and personal relationships are deeply intertwined into the story. Laugh-out-loud funny, shocking and physical. A true … Continue Reading

If you like your theatre and film-going experience to challenge, be compelling, edgy, unexpected, and highly entertaining. we have one for you in the world premier of Threesome.



Threesome premiered last month at PCS’s Ellen Bye Studio and … Continue Reading