Audrey Rose Goldfarb obviously has the perfect Portland middle name. She also has a nearly perfect PDX pedigree.

Audrey was born and raised here. Her father, Delmark “Del” Goldfarb, created one the Pacific Northwest’s signature music events, The Waterfront Blues Festival.

Perhaps most importantly — at least for our purposes here — Audrey Rose Goldfarb has a video camera and knows how to use it.



Audrey’s Internet reality series, AUDREALITY, came to our attention via a post on the “Keep Portland Weird” Facebook page (Here’s the history behind our “Keep Portland Weird” motto).

During the past four years, Audrey’s created a fun, edgy, labor-of-love catalogue of unique short YouTube videos. 69 episodes so far, and she’s focused her lens on our city’s most famous (or notorious) events, including: The World Naked Bike Ride, Dizzlepallooza, The Holiday Ale Fest, and The Hippie Chick Half Marathon.

In what’s left of her spare time, Audrey’s writing a book called, not coincidentally, AUDREALITY.

Here’s a look at a true Portland original.
[youtube id=”56tJQvlXlY0″]

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