Moody Little Sister | By Teri Briggs

When you see a Moody Little Sister performance you are getting much more than you might imagine. Part concert, party storytelling, it is one that will captivate you from beginning to end and leave you feeling lighter than when you came in. Naomi weaves the stories of her life into every note sung, and played, on keys, guitar, and drum. She wails to the life and indoctrination she left behind and joyously celebrates all that it has become. Music and nature are her outlet for processing an upbringing that was filled with confusion and hardship. The music this has created offers the ability to heal old wounds, and provides listeners with a sense of safety and comfort for their own troubles.


Rob and Naomi met when Naomi, while scouting for a new home base, found out he had produced an album that had impressed her. She hightailed it to Portland to meet this person, and Moody Little Sister was born. Having similar backgrounds, a shared love of nature, and many of the same hopes and dreams, theirs is a collaboration that blends harmoniously. The culmination of this musical partnership was their sold out concert for their first LP as a band, “Wild Places” at the famed, The Historic Old Church. It was an evening that was filled with a collective love exchanged by artist and audience. The venue’s beauty only added to the ambience.


Some musicians have fans, Moody Little Sister has a community, or tribe, as they call it. Their principal pleasure in the creation of their music is the community it fosters, bringing new friends to them, as well as creating new friendships between those in their “tribe.” One innovative way they have done this, is with the intention they put forth in creating their tours. While they do play the standard bar scene, they prefer more intimate settings: house concerts to rooftop parties, “camper sessions”, summer campouts, and even a week long trip on the Grand Canyon with concerts nestled in the canyons along the river.

Please enjoy our interview and live performance with Moody Little Sister.


Moody Little Sister will play a special Christmas Eve show at McMenamin’s Al’s Den as guests during Scott Fisher’s residency,